Important Resources to Prepare for Microsoft 70-413 Exam

The Microsoft 70-413 exam has undergone tremendous changes throughout the years. As a result, much of the online information related to this certification test may seem quite outdated and not helpful. This means you will spend a bigger part of your time looking for the right resources for the exam and by the time you get these materials, you will have wasted most of your time. That should not be the case.

Those individuals who pass the Microsoft 70-413 exam demonstrate that they are able to work on the Windows Server 2012 from different facets, including planning, configuring and implementing. The certification test validates one’s ability for server virtualization, server deployment, and network access enabling.

You can only prepare well for any exam, including Microsoft MCSA 70-413 Practice Test, if you have access to the right resources. This article provides you with the correct resources needed to be well-equipped for the Microsoft certification.
Exam content grading

Microsoft grades the 70-413 exam on the basis of the following content:

Network access services (designing and implementing) – Takes 15 to 20 percent
• Server infrastructure (planning and deploying) – Takes 20 to 25 percent
• Logical Active Directory infrastructure (designing and implementing) – Takes 20 to 25 percent
• Network infrastructure services (designing and implementing) – Takes 20 to 25 percent
• Physical Active Directory infrastructure (designing and implementing) – Takes 20 to 25 percent

Understanding this grading is important as it can be used to guide you on what to study and what to leave out. It also shows you in advance that passing the exam is not entirely dependent on reading books but also on having a practical touch. As you can see, implementation accounts for a significant amount of grades earned in the exam.

Studying is not enough

A common misconception that most students preparing for the Microsoft 70-413 exam make is that they think just studying will do the trick. Studying 24 hours a day will not make you pass the test. Of course, you have to revise thoroughly if you are to stand of getting any good marks, but too much revision is not the only way to excel.

What you need is a real-life experience. That is why this test is referred to as a ‘certification exam.’ Basically, it is meant for the Information Technology (IT) professionals who are already in the field and need to prove their skills, not just by doing it, but also by some certificate which can be passed to several companies simultaneously. This kind of experience can be quite hard to find if you do not go to the field on a regular basis or if you are a specialized professional who refuses to touch everything else which you are supposed to know about.

Given that the Microsoft 70-413 exam assesses your skills for designing, deploying and maintaining infrastructure services on Windows Server 2012 environment, it is clear that just studying will not make you excel. What you need is something that gives you a practical touch of everything required in the exam.

In an ideal world, you could find a way to convince your organization to let you access the VMs and start gaining this experience by trying out different stuff. But we do not live in an ideal world. That brings us to the first resource needed to pass the exam, a laboratory.
Recommended resources needed

1. Lab

Not everything in the 70-413 exam is theoretical. And even for the theoretical stuff, you will be required to have a strong grasp of the practical part so as to better argue out the theory bit. Having accepted that you cannot access your organization’s VMs or Hyper-V hosts to gain the necessary experience, you are left with no option than to set up an own lab.

By setting up a lab we do not mean that you rent a room that just costs you money. Rather, use emulators which feel more ‘real.’ If you run VMware on your descent laptop or desktop, you may get the possibility of running Hyper-V on top of it. You could still simply use one host and run in Windows 8.x. There are also virtual routers which are capable of emulating multiple VLANS and subnets, giving you a chance to exploit various AD sites, virtual private networks and other technical stuff related to your field.

You have different ways of setting up your lab. All you have to do is to make sure that it does not run over the same network as this may not give you a better learning opportunity on the networking bit.

2. Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training means taking a course that can guide you until you are ready for the certification exam. An example of this is Course 20413 which runs for 5 days, a period during which you are trained in the Microsoft-certified training center. Some lucky individuals may have an organization that is willing to pay for such a course. You must note that to enroll in the course, you would be away from work for 5 consecutive days and this should be communicated to your bosses in advance.

It’s worth noting that instructor-led training sometimes works well for people who have limited experience or for first-timers. If you have years of experience with Windows Server 2012, you will find this resource not being so useful.

3. Exam prep video

This is quite a short video, not meant to teach you many technical skills, but to give you an overview of information on the certification. Given that the video is short, you are advised to include it to the resources needed.

4. Books

Books definitely matter as you gear up for the exam. There are excellent study guides in the market. Similarly, there are some books which are not so good. Thus, take your time to review the different related books and choose one that you feel might be of help.

5. Practice test

Having obtained practical skills from theoretical touch from the various resources and books listed above along with a personal lab, you still need to have an idea of what the exam looks like. This is best met with a collection of practice tests. They are often available for purchase. If you feel they are too costly, you could unite your forces with some local learners and buy the resources for joint use.

NOTE: The practice test should be the last thing on your resources to use. The first study to gain the experience and knowledge needed before you sit down for it.


Microsoft is determined to see you excel in your certification exam hence it provides resources for doing so. From books to free presentations, from classroom training to a community effort, make the choice.


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